Eye-Tracking.net press release

Monitorika launches new Eye Tracking web service

September, 30 2014

The new service of marketing researches Eye-Tracking.net allows fast and qualitatively testing of a Web-site or an advertisement module with the help of Eye Tracking technology.

Eye-tracking is a technology of marketing research examining the effectiveness of advertising, packaging and designs of Web sites (usability). Eye-tracking is a kind of so-called “quality” marketing research that supposes minimized respondents’ attitudes towards the object of research. After eye tracking test is over some reports are compiled by experts in the convenient form.

Let us suppose, for example, that we are testing the following image:

After the research is over we will form the following eye tracking reports:

Eye path

The report of “Eye path” detects the sequence of sight fixations at the picture. This type of reports displays informatively the “algorithm of view” of a picture or a Web site by a respondent. The negative feature of this method is that if there are 2 or more respondents employed for the test, the report will be composed of such “spots” totally and will be not convenient for analyzing. That’s why this type of report is usually formed for every respondent separately, and for group processing we use reports, which we discuss below.

Heat map

Heat map is a group report that contains the visual mapping of sight fixation areas of one or more respondents at once.

Cloud maps

Cloud map is a subspecies of Heat map report and the difference is that the visualization is made not with the help of color changing but the effect of translucence.

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