Eye tracking or Mouse tracking

Eye Tracking or Click Maps (Mouse Tracking)

Very often we hear such questions from our clients as why would we use Eye Tracking when we can get the same reports with the help of Google Analytics?

The reports of Eye Tracking testing (Heat Maps) look alike Click maps by Google visually but they are two quite different technologies. Each of them is a marketing tool for solving a certain class of problems, they cannot be compared as a hammer cannot be compared with a screwdriver – each of them is created to make different types of research.

Click maps allows evaluating which links a visitor of Web-site clicks on. This information is very important for producing the content of Web-site, optimization of titles and for improvement of the textual navigation of the site.

Eye tracking determines what is visually attractive in your design for a person, what he is looking at first and what areas of design are noticed by eye firstly. As is known, a site visitor is looking through a Web-site during 3-5 seconds. Everything what is not seen during this period is out of the person’s mind.

Eye tracking allows you to “look” at your design with the eyes of your visitors. So Click maps define the best links from all seen by a consumer, and Eye Tracking helps to know what exactly the consumer has seen on the site.

We recommend using Eye Tracking and Click Maps together – so you can solve a wide range of tasks.