If they don’t see it they not buy it

If they don’t see it they not buy it

The new service of marketing researches EyeTracking.ws allows fast and qualitatively testing of a Web-site or an advertisement module with the help of Eye Tracking technology.

The main problem of an advertiser is the need to choose what model of design (from several options) is best to be placed onto a billboard, to a Web-site or by centerfold

Eye tracking answers this question easily. The main criterion for choosing the design should be this – the advertising model must convey to a customer the marketing idea contained in it. Let us consider the example.

A marketer has received two models of advertising concerning the same kind of product and he must decide which one is better to be placed as the advertisement.

At first the baby who is looking at us seems lovelier – it gives the impression of happiness and joy. However, the task of advertising is not to reassure the consumer mind, but rather the opposite – to disturb it and to convey to him information about the product.


Let’s turn to the Eye Tracking test and see that during the test in this case consumers look at the baby, melt and forget about the advertisement.

In the other picture, where the child is looking at the text messages, most of consumers look at the baby and then sights slides towards the text, thus consumers do not just get the moments of pleasure looking at the kid, but also the marketing message of the advertiser is fixed subconsciously.

In this example we make an unequivocal verdict – to run the 2nd model of the advertisement, and the Eye tracking technology helped us make this decision.

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