Eye tracking is a unique method of objective measuring consumer attention. Research data will help marketers to develop effective marketing communications interaction with the consumer.

  • Packaging of goods
  • Consumer preferences
  • Advertisement

Why Do you need eyetracking technology in market research and customer testing?

In marketing communication with the consumer it is important to understand what the buyer pays attention. Eye Tracking is an efficient way to see the buyer nereflektorno respond to different marketing messages and allows you to understand the cognitive processes of decision-making in real time.

This minimizes the error storing information respondents and the so-called "effect of white coats" that inevitably arise when conventional market research - questionnaires or surveys.

Eye tracking allows you to explore the following areas

  • What design elements seen consumer
  • What parts of the product or advertisement attracted attention, and which were ignored, we were in the "blind spot"
  • What made the customer to make the choices
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