Usability testing

Each product, each interface is generated for a particular segment of consumers. And only consumers can identify whether your product is suitable to them, whether it is convenient to use. We offer to find out the preferences of your customers and find out how your product meets their expectations, as end consumers use your product.

Eye tracking shows objective data about human behavior when interacting with the software product, to find out how the product is convenient and meets their expectations, as end consumers use your product. User Experience and HCI method is used eye tracking to evaluate the convenience and attractiveness of design and user interfaces. Explore can be any design that interacts with users.

What products should be tested

Any product which interacts with any user can be tested.

The most common test:

  • Website Design
  • Desktop applications
  • Intranet sites
  • User interfaces
  • Prototypes of software products for the detection of usability errors at the design stage

Usability - this is a whole methodology like a religion. Testing never occurs on the same scenario. Each product requires its own approach to testing.

Usability testing is similar to marketing research, allocate quantitative and qualitative research, as always, it is a war  between QQ specialists.

It is of several types:

  • Quality testing is studying user behavior, figuring out what works and what does not work in product design. The purpose of this study - to give you advice on how to make your product more convenient for the user.
  • Quantitative testing includes many statistically significant data. They can be used, for example, to compare multiple versions of the same product. Such a study is quite expensive, so it makes sense in cases, for example when you want to find out how your product is better or worse than the competitor.
  • Comparative testing - one of the most valuable methods. It is used when you want to compare your product to several of its most important competitors in the market. This happens, for example, when you release a new version of its product, and do not want to repeat the mistakes of others.
  • Cross-cultural testing is necessary in two cases: when your product is aimed at foreign users, or when you are adapting a foreign product for the Russian market.
  • We recommend to carry out usability testing at several stages of your project, but even one single testing significantly improves the quality of the designed product.


  • Usability testing usually takes 3 weeks, including the preparation, conduct and report writing.
  • Re-testing as part of the same project requires less time. We advise you to spend two or three such iterations.
  • Comparative and cross-cultural studies take longer (1-2 months).

Utilization of our staff and the laboratory is very high, so it is advisable to inform us about the planned testing as early as possible.

Privacy policy

We keep in secrecy data, digital and high-quality resulting from usability testing. The same applies to any information about your product / project you have provided to us for investigation.

Test reports

It is a report on the identified problems and ways of solving them. The report contains three levels of recommendations:

  • Specific interface usability problems and suggested remedies. Even in a small product, the number of such problems may reach several tens.
  • User tasks and analysis of how the product helps the user to realize them.
  • Further guidance on the design of the product.
At the stage of preliminary consultations, it turns out an overview of the test, determined by the details of the study.Preparation and planning scenario studies, questionnaires and creating a structure of media objects, the target groups of respondents are determined.Conducting research is the installation and calibration of equipment, instruction and supervision of the respondents of the testing process.Analysis of the results of the study - one of the most labor-intensive stages of testing. During the analysis, data evaluation procedure is carried out for each respondent and compiled static and dynamic group reports on the study.Based on testing (focus area, heat maps, gaze movement chart) reports, expert opinions compiled statistics for the marketer, provided the final recommendations of specialists.