What do we call eyetracking?

What do we call eye-tracking?

Eye-tracking is a technology of marketing research examining the effectiveness of advertising, packaging and designs of Web sites (usability).
Eye-tracking is a kind of so-called “quality” marketing research that supposes minimized respondents’ attitudes towards the object of research.

The gist of this technology is simple enough – a special instrument called Eye tracker recognizes the human pupil and record the movement and fixation of the eyes when viewing an image or Web site. The data obtained with the help of this instrument are being recorded into a database, and then the image is processed in appliance with these data and reports confirming the results of research are being complied.

Human pupil moves exclusively under the influence of reflex stimuli, that means we cannot control our sight. That is why eye tracking allows you to escape the subjective data got by traditional marketing methods – it shows the unperceived process of human perception of image.

So, eye tracking is a technology that detects what elements of your advertising, Web-site or packing a person can see exactly.


The technology of recognition of human pupil and determination of the coordinates where the sight is turned to is quite complex and is solved by the help of special instruments called Eye Trackers.

There are 2 types of Eye Trackers:

1. Desktop eye tracker

That is a special equipment containing a monitor and an infrared camera of high resolution. The camera records the pupil incessantly and determines what point of image the user is looking at.

 Eye tracker

As the result of this research we gain a data array that say when, at what part and how long the user was looking at the image.
After the test is over reports and expert opinions (Heat maps, Cloud maps, Eye path) are prepared and sent to the client.

Eyetracking glasses (head mounted eyetracker) is the 2nd type of Eye Tracking tests.
It is used to evaluate the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, to test the placement of products and price tags on store shelves, to assess the effectiveness of advertising in magazines and ease of a car usage.

Eyetracking glasses Market research

Head-mounted eyetracker is put on a person’s head and then a task is given to the respondent – to pick up certain types of goods or to drive a car along the allotted part of road or to read a magazine. While the respondent is performing the task, the eyetracker records position of his eyes.

After the research is over expert opinions are based on the data recorded.

Here is some sample of the video that you get from the testing:

We have such an instrument in stock but it is necessary to go to the client personally for this test, because there is no opportunity to make this research with help of Internet. This type of testing is more expensive than the first one because it requires additional time and other types of resources.

If you need research with the help of Head-mounted eye tracker exactly – please contact us any convenient way: e-mail – info@eye-tracking.net